To Remember
What is this, this sound so small
Of molded lips in shadowed fall;
On wisp of breath, a fragile sigh,
Or misty veil that clouds my eye?

In utter stillness, yearning ears
Strain against now falling tears;
To hear again a lover's trill,
Or see the vision clearer still.

With heated breath against my skin
You always played "Where to begin.
Lie still my darling, while I search,
For just the spot to quench my thirst."

A sensuous mouth to ride the waves,
Without a touch it yet enslaves;
And salacious eyes that burn and pin
As sweet desire spills from within;
Until the only thoughts I hear,
Are touch me now, hold me near,
And let me reach my hands to trace
The planes of thy beloved face."

On rapturous sigh, your flesh met mine
And mingled heat wove one design;
Two burning hearts of one desire,
To flame inside the other's fire.

So many times I awake like this,
Confusing what it is I miss;
Until the cold grief passing through
Douses the flame that once was you.

For in my dreams, I often forget;
In those you lie beside me yet.
So, if to remember I must grieve then,
Let me sleep and grieve again.

© Copyright 1993 Kathleen A. O'Connell