To Wallow in Regret For him, this is the season
To wallow in regret;
He, a man of reason,
Hasn't learned his lesson yet.

Within the darkest corners of his mind;
Within the sealed off chambers
We will find;
A love so true
Squeezed black and blue
And crushed there in despair;
That it could ever freely seek
The open cleansing air --
Where other loves are winging,
And seeking their own kind;
Where clumsy loves are apt to
Dip and soar and crash
Into the blind;
Where desperate loves are clinging to
Any that are near;
Where lonely loves are crying,
A poignant raindrop tear;
That leaves a searing mark
On tender pearlescent wings
Of loves whose hearts are filled
With that which pity brings.

There is one who waits for him;
A one who burns so bright,
That others are attracted to
The pureness of the flight.

But he is too devoted to
The safety of the ground;
To spread his wings and
Seek the love
That hovers all around;
And one can't wait forever
When one is burning bright;
And other loves are yearning to
Share in the delight;
So while he is regretting,
He is losing more,
Than he can imagine,
Or think he lost before.
© Copyright 1993 Kathleen A. O'Connell