Office Prodedures

Knowledge Test

Loose lips sink

In the following examples, the first name needs to be placed in proper index order among the names that follow. Determine where it goes, then click the arrow on the "Does it go here?" box to see if you were right!

1. Franklin Andrew W III

Franklin Andrew W Jr

Franklin Andrew W Sr

Franklin Annette M Sister

Franklin Electric Company

2. Mackenzie Robert H PhD

Macchio Louis P

Mack Geraldine Mrs

MacWilliams Ernest G

McFadden Construction Company

3. Farrington Dani C Mrs

Farrington Daniel

Farrington David R CPA

Farrington Doreen Parker Mrs

Farrington E J

4. Children's Center The

Carpenters Local 297

Carr Elizabeth H Dr

Cent Saver Coupons Inc

Center for Computer Studies
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